Welcome to the London Historical School of Defense!

The London Historical School of Defense is dedicated to the study of Western European combat techniques in the 14th century. Through the use of various manuscripts, commonly referred to as 'fechtbuchs', our students and instructors train and study these techniques as a means of preserving a very real and effective means of self defense.

There are three documents that have survived the centuries and are the basis of our training methodology and approach. Our main source is the Italian book Fior di Battaglia, written by Fiore dei Liberi and completed in 1409. Hanko Döbringer completed his writings on the teachings of the German Johannes Lichtenauer in 1389 and Manuscript I.33 is based upon the teachings of a Germanic Priest to his students around 1310.

Please feel free to view our corresponding sections, what our students need to know, more information about our primary sources and our school!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. You are welcome to come and attend our training classes, ask questions and find out what we do. We offer a free introductory class and can assist you in any way we can to get you started on your path to martial, historical and spiritual growth!


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