There are various degrees of acceptable clothing, depending on the circumstance of training, the safety required and the general goal of the School. The School has various sources to acquire the equipment at very reasonable prices. Outlined below are the standards in place for our various levels of training:

Our general gear requirements are for learning techniques, applying principles, warmup and discussions.

Equipment consists of black athletic pants and a gold LHSD t-shirt or long sleeve shirt. Shirts are available at minimal cost during training sessions. Light gloves are also recommended.

Our Longsword requirements are for practice of techniques using aluminum longswords and unarmoured bouting with approved weapons. Detailed descriptions and usage will be posted and are available during training sessions. This equipment is valid for use of all weapons types and should be considered standard equipment for weapons training. School masks are available on a limited basis.

Three-weapon fencing mask
Padded jack or arming coat
Swordsman Gloves

Armoured Combat:
We practice fully armoured bouting with steel, rebated swords for special events and practice of techniques and principles. Standards will be posted in the near future.